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Saturday, July 5th, 2008
10:20 am
so this is gonna be a really long post.... one, being that i haven't posted an entry in a while, and two, i'm at work, not really doing much, so i just figured i'd drop a short story of my life on here. so.... for the past couple months i feel like i haven't really done much of anything with my life. so i'm trying to set aside all the things that keep me inside all day. like pot, video games, and so forth.... i've been trying to spend more time on my computer instead of in front of my tv just so i can learn a few more things on web designing and i think i've made some slight progress. no where close to where i want to be, but i think i've made some improvements. i was working on a robot design that i was going to use for my new revision site, but i think i'm gonna scratch the whole idea. i designed the arms and the head, and when i got to the body, i just froze up and couldn't figure out what to do. oh well..... then i've been thinking about getting a new girlfriend since i haven't had one in like a year. but kind of a serious relationship, not just a one night stand. it's not that i absolutely need someone in my life that i can stick my penis in, i just want some companionship. someone to talk to when there's no one else there to talk to. someone i can listen to and confide in whenever they need someone to be there for them. so i've been working out and stuff, just trying to get back in shape. not so much for a girl, but more so for myself. i think that's the only way you can really lose weight, is by doing it for yourself. my whole concept on that is that if you feel good about yourself, then others will admire you for that and will in turn appreciate you for who you are more so than not.

football season is about to start. ---> my other man hobby. ---> i put a lot of heart and time in watching and analyzing football, not only because i love the game but because my future may be football, so i consider it a helping hand when i spend 60% of my time on football. most people hate me for it, and most people just sort of turn their heads and read articles online when i start talking about football, but it's something that i take pride in. i know i probably won't ever get the chance to play football, because i just didn't take that road through highschool and grabbed up a scholarship for it. so now i'm trying to find a way to coach football. but we'll see how that turns out.

i found out that brett favre wants to try and make a comeback this season. and i would love for him to come back. he's one of the main reasons why i even started loving football. when i was a kid, i collected a lot of football cards and somehow i ended up with an abundance of brett favre collector cards lol. but i love the guy and everything he brings to the game, and without him, it almost feels like the NFL is naked without him. so i hope he gets a chance to come back.

in the video game world DIABLO III has been rumored to hit consoles this year... or next, whenever it comes out. i don't think it's going to happen though. there's too many things the developers have to consider, and i just think it's too soon to bring it to consoles. i don't think the consoles are up to handling pc games as of yet. and blizzard wants pc gamers to be able to play with or against console gamers, which i don't think microsoft is too big on for some reason. but we'll see how that goes...... looking forward to the new madden. i checked out the new ncaa football 09 last night. it doesn't look too bad, and i'll probably pick it up, just because i hated 08, and anything should be better than 08. but i'm really lookin forward to madden 09... and then of course DEAD SPACE. that one is on the top of my list of games to buy. for sure..... ok, this post is way tooooo long. i'ma stop.
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Sunday, June 15th, 2008
2:46 pm
i'm selfish.
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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
9:52 pm
ok, so most people are going to laugh at me because of this, but it's ok. i was watching american idol... yes, american idol... a few minutes ago, and an artist by the name of george michael performed. i sat there and watched the entire 2-hour special because every year there's always one group that guest stars on there that i really really like. well, not this year. and so i watched the entire thing because i thought there would be someone near the end that would blow me away.... well, there was george michael. he isn't an artist that i would die to meet, but the song he sang was very moving. i don't think i've heard a song so moving since the first time i heard 'imagine'. which is saying a lot about this song. if i can find it on myspace, then i'll put it on my myspace account so everyone can hear it. but the song is a lot about how every country is. when they send their people to another country to try and help out when everything that is happening over there is happening right on their own front lawn. it's about how people wage war over things that don't really matter and the solution doesn't really matter either... the only thing that matters is that we've been given time to do something with our lives, and we have to decide what to do with that time. i felt compelled to post something about it because it just really made me start thinking about the life that i've lived and the life that i'm going to live. it really makes you wonder where this world will be in ten years.
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6:44 pm
so i'm really lazy and haven't really done much of anything the past couple weeks. i figured i'd just sort of stretch out a bit and relax since i had such a hectic past few months. i think things are finally dying down now. i'm about to start on the new revision. more than likely production will begin tomorrow. i'm hoping to have a layer of the site completed by next monday. that's not a promise though. i'm not going to release any information on it until i'm done with the entire site. it's something i've felt pretty strong about for the past few years when working on a piece of artwork. i already have a splash page, but that's only about 10% or so of the whole site. so there's a lot of work to be done. i also plan on revamping this journal of mine as well. i've talked about it a few times now, but i've just put it on hold for a few weeks to just kind of get reacclimated with web designing. i did revamp my myspace page, which is something i had said i was going to do for a long time. i didn't use my own html skills on it, although i wanted to. i just did something simple and used a layout from lovemyflash.com. which turned out pretty well anyways. i'm in the process of creating a new image to go on that as well. right now i just have an image of my toy soldiers photograph. but it'll be a little bit cooler once i get this new one up. if you wanna check that out go to.... http://www.myspace.com/crashanddeliver

it's not spectacular, but it's something.
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Sunday, May 11th, 2008
8:26 pm
it's funny how so many things can change so quickly, and once they've happened, you ask yourself, "How did that just happen?" you can only question it, you can't answer it. and that, itself, can drive you crazy. when sometimes you just want the two that you love the most, and admire in so many ways, to just hold each other and tell each other how much they love one another. but sometimes, life is just funny... it's like when you buy a set of legos and you get home and you start building this amazing castle and you just know it's going to be awesome when you finish it. you even make plans to take pictures of it to send to your friends right when you take it out of the box. but when you get down to the last wall of the castle you then realize there just isn't enough pieces in the box to finish that last wall. it's the fact that you know you bought a complete set and all the pieces are there, but they just don't fit correctly, so one piece is irrelevant. that's how my life has been the past five or six years. just incomplete, that's all.

in other news:
so i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be switching back to bashthebracket. i haven't used it in forever, but i think it's gonna be the easiest thing to do. apparently because this account is new, and created after they started doing the advertisements on the side, i can't use certain html codes and i can't get rid of the ads on the side. which is unbelievably lame.
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Sunday, April 27th, 2008
7:39 pm
The Review Is In - GTA IV Gametrailers Review
The review for GTA IV on gametrailers.com pretty much will be the determining video that will sell the game to those that were on the edge of whether or not to buy it. From watching the video I concluded that this is going to be the video game to beat this year. With the release of the full version Metal Gear Solid 4 and one of the most anticipated FPS' of 2008, HAZE, that's set to release later this year are going to have to push over the edge to catch up to GTA IV. It hasn't even released yet and it's getting ridiculous high scores such as 9.8's and an unbelievable 10.0 in some cases. One of the 10.0's that I'm referring to is the 10.0 that IGN dropped on it.

It still seems like a lot of hype for an RPG. But the same can be said of other RPG's that did quite successful once released. Such as Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, the Playstation's series of Final Fantasy and even dating back to the anticipated release of Fable.

Come Tuesday afternoon, I'm sure you can include Grand Theft Auto IV in that unbelievable list of RPG's.

If you wanna check out that review from game trailers, the link is: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/33327.html. enjoy.
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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
10:12 pm
ok, so i took a shot at editing this journal tonight and it's going ok. i'm not gonna say it's going spectacular, cause it's really not. my friends page is completely out of whack, i can't get rid of the ad on the side, my main page nor my friends page will scroll, and then i still have to come up with a design for the background plus the color schemes for my main page and friends page. (but) i am taking a shot at this, and it has been a while since i've done HTML, but i'm using my old layout for bashthebracket for a reference. so i think it'll all come together by monday or tuesday of next week. i'm tired of making my brain hurt though, so i'm gonna go play some Half Life 2 or somethin. maybe i'll finish the orange box sometime this century.
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5:50 pm
so i plan on revamping this damn thing within the next few weeks. it should be partially revamped tonight hopefully, if i can get that far with it. if not, then possibly some time into the weekend it should have a totally different look and feel to it. i'm gonna try my hardest to get back into web designing. it's a field where i had a lot of passion placed. and i just sort of got away from it for a while when i was doing my photography. so hopefully i can get fully indulged into that again. i started out with something simple, changing my icon. the whole perspective behind that has nothing to do with the death of the late once great heath ledger... it merely takes the persona and character of the joker and just kind of makes fun of what the joker would say after he robs a bank. which is kind of my whole take on a lot of things that i do in my personal life sometimes. anyway, i look forward to relearning HTML and Adobe Photoshop. good stuff.
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Saturday, February 9th, 2008
11:22 am
here's to new beginnings!
 so i'm 21 now, and i really can't believe it.  i'm getting older by the second.  it's crazy.  maybe something good will come out of this year.  i'm 21, new year (2008 if no one realized that yet), a new football season to come, maybe some new friends... things could get pretty interesting in a few months.
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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
9:10 pm

today i woke up and decided i would become someone else.  i love who i am, don't get me wrong... fat, video game-a-holic, movie watching, chip eating freak... but sometimes i think about what my life would be like if i didn't do all those things, and i did more positive and active things with my life.  what if i wasn't so negative with everything... what if i was a nicer person than what people think i am.  i'm a nice guy, when it counts.  i'm not a nice guy when i haven't had much sleep, i'm not a nice guy when my day has just been completely negative, i'm not a nice guy when things just simply don't go my way.  but when did this all happen to me?  i don't know.  i do know that certain people i have associated myself with in the past few years have held me back from becoming who i am meant to become.  since i was thirteen years old i was a smoker.  i stopped on frequent occaisions, but i always started back because of who i was around.  i quit smoking over two months ago, i also lost the few friends i had over some retarded shit that didn't need to happen... but i also didn't start smoking again.  not that i'm blaming my smoking habbits on them, it just seems easier when i'm not around people like that.  i also don't do retarded drugs anymore... like ex, coke, shit like that.  everyday seems to bring more meaningful things into my life.  i've begun to see the bigger picture.  and once you've seen the bigger picture, life is so much easier to live through.  people will probably say mean things about me, but i'll turn the cheek and look the other way because i am who i am, and eventually i'll be who i am suppose to be.  i'll be able to look back on my past few years as a young adult and say that they were simply stepping stones to a better tomorrow and my eventual adulthood.  i've begun to understand the world around me and i'm finally moving with it instead of moving behind it.  life's good.

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Thursday, December 6th, 2007
9:25 pm
 man, i'm real slack ass when it comes to updating this thing.  i also hardly ever go on myspace now... i don't know if it's a bad thing or not.  i am now currently trying to burn a bootleg copy of american gangster... man i have finally sunk to an all new low.  i'm also watching SPEED for the millionth time.  my night has been going ok... my brother just informed me of the all new RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 coming out as soon as march of next year... pretty stoked about that, i just finished all my homework for math and i've just realized that those are the last assignments i'll be doing this semester.  i'll also be going to sleep knowing that i'll have money in my checking account tomorrow and i'll have a chance to pick up ncaa football '07 tomorrow.  i have '08 but the only thing that's better in '08 is two things... the gameplay, meaning when you tackle a player or make a catch the players do it much smoother which makes it feel more realistic but not by much when comparing it to '07, and in '08 you can collect trophies and store them in the waiting lobby of the main menu, so ultimately the main menu looks more interactive.  but the graphics in '07 just makes those two things just seem like they don't even exist.  '07 is definitely the better pick up.... anyway, life's ok, it's not wonderful, but i think that if i had a girlfriend, a worse job, and/or lived on my own then i would wish i was where i am right now, so i can't complain.  i wouldn't mind getting my football inbetween the goal posts every now and then... but hey who's to worry right, eventually it'll happen and then i'll wish i hadn't done it just like the last girl.... speaking of football, how bout those Patriots coming back in the fourth against the baltimore Ravens to keep their unbeaten record alive.  nuts.  but... if they are going to lose a game this season, it will definitely only come against one team now, and that would be this weekend against the pittsburgh Steelers.  it's gonna be one hell of a game... if the panthers win, by god's graces and a miracle, they'll be tied with like four other teams for a wildcard into the playoffs... but i don't think they'll be able to stay in the race because they go up against the cowboys in a couple weeks and that game will put them out of reach for the playoffs.  and even if they made it into the playoffs, they would definitely lose their first game.........until next time.
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Friday, November 16th, 2007
10:53 pm
 fuckin racist man... i can't even eat without some old lady staring at me... for what, cause i'm black, or because you can't figure out what race i am?  god damn, what does it freakin matter?  hey, seriously though, if i had a nickel for everytime someone has asked me what is my nationality or what are you mixed with?  i'd be fuckin rich, extremely rich, i could wipe my ass with me and feed it to an infant and think nothing of it.  god damn, that'd be sweet.  i just finished playing a few levels on assassin's creed, it's insane.  like i wanna bash my head through a solid piece of concrete insane.  the gameplay is amazing, the story line from what i can tell is pretty amazing, and it's just an all around great video game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.  anyway, i've got work tomorrow so i'm gonna catch a couple episodes of weeds and then i'm out like a light.  oh, and sam, i still love you even though you hung up on me, and i wish you'd stop going back to nathaniel so i could at least have a chance, know what i'm sayin baby?
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Thursday, November 8th, 2007
9:50 pm
 i was playing NCAA football, and realized that i haven't posted anything on my lj in such a long time.  weird.  im kind of tired of video games, how crazy is that.  this was kind of my backwards week for me.  i didn't smoke weed, at all, except for like two bowls on monday, and that's it.  and it's now almost friday.  i've had a crazy headache though for the past three days, and i've coughed a lot.  i think it's because i haven't smoked weed and my body is trying to reject all the resin build up in my lungs haha.  i also haven't had a cigarette in like five or six days.  kind of nuts.  my body feels better, but weird.  i'll probably get baked as hell sometime this weekend though, cause this week has been kind of stressful.  i got an 83 on a math test and i didn't even smoke weed this week... if anything, i would've done better on it if i would've smoked a blunt the night before the test, how crazy is that.  i should conduct some kind of study that can prove that weed makes you smarter.  i also haven't played my video games that much this week, just mainly doing school work and stuff around the house when i got home from school.  how lame is that?  tomorrow i have to go to my stressful job and stare at a computer all day.  how exciting.  i'm really thinking about getting a different job now though.  for one, i don't get as much money as i want at AEBN, i can only work two days a week, those two days just happen to be my friday and saturday when i usually see my friends and so my friend time is limited, which also means i have half of a life that i could have right now, i stare at a computer all day.  oh, and did i mention a girl named "sluttlez" emails me like crazy trying to have a conversation with me because i don't have aim or whatever on my computer and i hate her, she's weird.  i also don't like damien as much as i use to anymore.  sometimes he can be cool and we're on good terms, it's just that sometimes he critisizes me and it doesn't usually get to me until he starts to sound like my mom and dad and it just pisses me off that i have to hear that shit at home and at work... retarded?  i'd say so.  plus, he's fuckin thirty some years old, he's fucking old, but yet he says he gets pussy from an eighteen year old and has all these pictures with fuckin models and shit just because he's an opra singer, and he rubs it in my face and i just want to stab him in the face and burry his body beneath a concrete slab so no one will ever find him.  or dump him in the ocean, so says Dexter.  my job just gets stressful when it shouldn't be, ya know.  i watch porn for a fucking living.  it shouldn't be that stressful, but it is at times.  oh, ranting and raving, i'm done.
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Thursday, October 18th, 2007
5:38 pm
if you were a transformer, what would you transform into and why?
 i feel like chicken bones and mash potatos.  i haven't worked out in like a week and a half.  pretty pathetic...  i also need to get some graphics up on this bitch, but for some crazy reason all i do when i get home from class is smoke like three bowls and play video games.  i think i'm just going insane or something.  i finally talked to my friend tiffany today, she sounds just as hot as she always does... we talked about a lot of different things though like how so many people change as they grow older, but in fact that's exactly what they're suppose to do only we haven't really changed and we both thought that was a little weird.  of course because i smoke so much weed, everything just seems to happen with me a lot slower.  if that makes any sense.  i don't know, sometimes i hate the situations i put myself in, but then sometimes i'm glad i did just so i can learn from my mistakes.  the jennifer thing, huge mistake... completely retarded and i think i'm a better person for it now though.  i'm through that bull shit, time to move on to more important things.... like the crazy amount of video games coming out between now and november 30th.  ok, seriously, i'm gonna list all the games i want, and if anyone feels like they wanna get me a gift, just feel free to pick one.  if i get one of the same thing i'll just take it in and exchange it, no big deal......

Ace Combat 6:  Fires of Liberation - Oct 23rd
Clive Barker's Jericho - Oct 23rd
Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Oct 23rd
Timeshift - Oct 30th
Call of Duty 4 - Nov 5th
Blacksite: Area 51 - Nov 12th
Assassin's Creed - Nov 13th
Need For Speed: Pro Street - Nov 13th
Army of Two - Nov 13th
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Nov 13th / 20th (not sure on the date)
Mass Effect - Nov 20th
College Hoops 2k8 - Nov 19th (the first basketball game i have ever actually wanted to play, period.)

Key:  These are all games for the Xbox 360 console.  The date beside each title is the release date for that particular game.  The ones underlined are the ones I am most anticipating besides the ones that are bold, which are probably the ones I will buy.  So if you're thinking about getting me one in bold after the release date, then ask me if I have it already.

anyway, i just finished watching transformers for the millionth time, and i swear i feel like i'm gonna transform, just into something crazy man.  something completely random though, like a stick, or a hair brush.  if i was a transformer, i would be a hair pick.  but not just any hair pick, i would be a sports hair pick so eventually michael vick would end up using me and then i'd transform into me and kill him.  it would be amazing.  all over CNN b.

oh, and i'm also thinking about writing a book about a government conspiracy to keep information from leaking out about where human's actually came from.  could be pretty interesting... of course i've said i'm going to write a book a bigillion times, but i think this is a story line i can commit to.
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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
6:32 pm
 fuckin ay.  the panthers signed a 43 year old quarterback, whom i have researched... wikipedia is the shit btw... Vinny Testaverde, consistent but throws interceptions when under pressure.  very smart, but not as athletic as he could have been twenty years ago.  he's a pretty big guy, 6'5", 235lbs.  so it's not a question of whether or not he'll be able to throw over his own offensive line.  he has played with new england, last year to be exact, so he does have some familiarity with the carolina offense that jeff davidson is running.  he should start this sunday as the #2 quarterback behind david carr... if Carr does not settle down with his back injury then you can look forward to testaverde starting this sunday.  which i'm hoping isn't the case.  i feel as though testaverde will be a good mentor for carr, and carr should come to some consistency this week and step up for his team.  steve smith has to get open more and other recievers have to start to step up and get open for carr to throw to.  

in other news... i broke my neck today...no, not really.  sometimes i wish i could just die and then i wouldn't have to worry about anything.  i can't decide on whether or not i want to go to this girl's show on friday.  she's cool, but a really bad drunk which eventually becomes drunken slut, which is something i don't know if i want to deal with.  i've dated a girl or two like that before, but i managed to calm them down, at least when i was around.  i also have to work on friday so i'll be extremely tired and probably won't have much fun.  i also have to get up early saturday morning to go into work.  i'm trying to save money for the beach trip, which going to the show will take away enough money for a meal.  of course, if this girl is interested in me, then it'll be a chance for me to really get to know her when she's not intoxicated.... weighing my options here, but i just can't make a decision.  i guess i'll give it another day or two to sink in, and i'll make a decision on friday morning.  hmph, man if i only knew.... there's a military official somewhere deciding on who to send in to stop a bomb, and i'm trying to decide on whether or not to go hang out with a female... how fucked up is that.
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Sunday, October 7th, 2007
9:29 pm
football, weekend party, and poetry... what a combination
panthers won today, crazy bullshit.  we won by three freaken points with three seconds left on the board as kasay kicked the field goal.  the panthers still sucked because they struggled against an 0-3 team.  retarded.  i think there's a huge difference this year in the teams that are really good and the teams that aren't good at all.  there's only four teams this year that you should expect to win every week, indianapolis colts, new england patriots, green bay packers and the all time american team, dallas cowboys.  for some reason i'm a huge dallas fan but i've never stepped one foot in texas, period.  tony romo is amazing, and i'll say that every week without hesitation.  

i went to a party last night, my first party of the year that wasn't with people i didn't know.  i knew a few people there, but for the most part i didn't know too many people.  i got to hang out with an old friend.  things were a little weird last night though.  i won't go into detail about that though.  it was good to see some old friends again though.  ran into my boy Bon.  i hadn't seen him in god knows how long.  there was a lot of drunk people there, which is to be expected... sam, all i can say is that i love you.  my friends david and mike were together last night, i wasn't too sure how i was going to take that but they seem ok together.  i just don't feel like having to kill anyone for my boy david.  rough week in school is ahead of me.  i'm sure next weekend at work will be ok, but i'm suppose to be going to a friends show at tremont, and i haven't decided if it's even worth my time.  i usually go to a friends show and they completely ignore me because they know a bigillion people there and they aren't usually stationary if you get what i'm sayin.  plus i don't really like tremont anymore.  i don't know.  i've got a whole week to figure it out.  i'm such a sapp, here's some poetry to blow your mind....

nails and feathers alike.

winter nights will come,
the leaves from the trees will fall,
our words will tread on frail strings
as the threads shall instantaneously abdicate their host.
his skin could drink the heat falling from the blackened sun,
his eyes confined and fixed
abreast of his convection, her signals fail to commute.

lost in translation, or some shall defend
the translation itself was lost before the words spoken.
the gesture of personal affection,
one without a definition, conveys an implication of 
awareness to his affection and appreciation.

like a splinter beneath his skin,
the moon will fall too quickly, his heart within
will eventually become unsound.

the play is over, the curtains have fallen,
time has now overtaken the moon's stand
the sounds of his battle cry soon fall and the
sounds of night erase the sounds of devastation.

it's a new day, a new dawn,
afternoon could fall short of her evening
and maybe, just maybe
destiny will no longer exist and perhaps coincidence
will take an affect on their lives.
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Sunday, September 30th, 2007
9:46 pm
 so yeah, last week was an ok week, this week it was just shitty.  the panthers lost, almost a shutout, which i just don't care anymore.  our defense sucks ass and when you have a defense that sucks ass, you can't control the clock, you can't stop teams from scoring, and you're just pretty much screwed.  i have a feeling that our defense probably won't get any better.  i also had a retarded week in school because we're learning this shit about consecutive even and odd integers and i just simply don't understand that shit.  it's retarded.  on the other hand, i had a decent weekend at work and the cowboys won again this week.  tony romo is by far my MVP pick of the year.  he's just fucking amazing.  they call him superman down there in dallas.  ok, just to give you an example... this week, i didn't get to see the game, but tony romo's center snaps the ball to him, about five feet above his head and romo turns around and runs to get the ball, by then the ball is already about ten yards behind the line of scrimage (for those people who don't watch football, that's where the ball starts off at before the play) then romo accidently gets the ball caught up under his own feet and kicks it another ten yards.  then he finally gets his hands on the ball, but usually a quarterback will just jump on the ball, which means he would've lost about twenty yards on the play.  but... being the superman that he is, he grabs the ball and all of a sudden his eyes are back down field and he's looking for a reciever... well, no one is open, so he runs back to the line of scrimage (about twenty or twenty-five yards, then runs an additional fifteen yards to pick up the first down.  you can watch this play, more than likely, on nfl.com under their video replays section.  but this kid is just amazing.  Dallas vs. New England... that's the superbowl, i promise you!

mary, sam, david, dana... miss you guys.  hopefully i'll see all of you tomorrow.
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Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
10:11 pm
 so the carolina panthers pull out a win today, due to the #21 defensive player, Deangelo Hall, of the Atlanta Falcons who caused 65 yards worth of penalties in one drive against the falcons for defensive pass interference, unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct in which that penalty came after the Falcons had forced the Panthers to a three and out.  which eventually led to a Panther's touchdown.  pretty good game, i was definitely skepticle going into the second half though.  the Greenbay Packers pulled an upset to the SanDiego Chargers today, they roll through this week on a 3-game winning streak.  how amazing is that.  that game was pretty intense too.  this turned out to be a great week in football.  right now my Boys are up 10 - 3 in the 3rd quarter.  i'm hoping they can pull an upset to the Bears tonight, then that would mean all five of the teams i'm rooting for will have grabbed a win today.  as i am typing this though, the Bears just drove all the way down field from the 14yard line in just four plays and scored a touchdown.  kind of crazy.  anyway, i'm hoping to get a new layout up here this week.  i forgot to get my bro to help me with some html though cause we were so caught up in the games today.  maybe by wednesday if i can sit down and just concentrate.  maybe get my web cam working too and get some shots of my kittie up on here.  that'd be nice.  anyway, i hope this is another good week for me.  last week was pretty amazing and finishes with a great weekend of football, but i can't remember the last time i had two great weeks in a row.  we'll see how it goes.
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Thursday, September 20th, 2007
5:36 pm
 so i just finished watching "we are marshall", and for some reason i always feel like i'm in the movie.  kind of creepy.  anyway, i'm just gettin my lazy on watchin movies and playing video games all day.  class was pretty easy today, just gotta go to sleep and wake up for work for the next couple days, then football!!!  The Panthers had better fucking win this sunday, or i'll be pretty pissed and i'll light shit on fire and set it on jake delhomme's front porch.  watch him throw that down field, yeah... anyway. 
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Sunday, September 16th, 2007
10:55 pm
back to the basics

i dont have many friends listed on here yet.  if you aren't a mediate friend, just to let you know i use to be under bashthebracket.  i dont use that account anymore.  i just gave up on it and decided to go brand new.  i like pistolpucker, reminds me of that feeling you get just before you pull a trigger.  i needed to get back to the basics with my web designing so i can slowly edge myself back into it.  so expect a design on here pretty soon.  it'll be simple and plain, but it'll have a little finese with it.  i'll give you a hint, grindhouse.  if you can't tell, the icon i used is an original image i created myself using photoshop.  it's a congo gorrilla with a heavy machine gun crawling out of his mouth.  it's a great image that i had other plans for but for now it'll reside here on lj.

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